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Pregnancy is a natural process that results in giving birth to a new human being. It is a complicated process that involves various steps that happen in an orderly manner. While you prep for pregnancy, it is important to prepare yourself mentally and physically as it will have an impact on the overall process of pregnancy. It is always suggested that your mind has to stay calm and happy during different stages of pregnancy as your baby can feel your emotions throughout. Such a physical and emotional link between the mother and child has to be maintained through enhanced preparation in every way.

It is important to prepare for pregnancy in the right way to ensure that any kind of pregnancy risks including but not limited to conceiving with endometriosis are prevented and the safety of the baby and mother is prioritized. While preparing for pregnancy, you will get a lot of suggestions and opinions on how to prep your body for pregnancy which can often confuse you and put you in a dilemma. You have to be able to understand the right steps to be taken as each person has unique features which need to be maintained as per your body’s health and strength. It is also important to only focus on credible sources of information. The doctors and experts give suggestions based on your body type which needs to be followed without fail.

What is pre-pregnancy health and check-up?

Pre-pregnancy health and check-up are important as every stage of pregnancy is of great importance, especially the pre-pregnancy stage. Apart from monthly check-ups done by your doctor, you can also approach them when feeling any kind of discomfort or issues concerning your health. In your prep for pregnancy, check-up plays an important role as continuous early pregnancy scan and pelvic ultrasound are required to ensure that no complications are found in the process.

A pre-pregnancy check-up is a medical check-up that is to be done before you get pregnant.

Examination of your body is done through different tests and check-ups which need to be done based on your body’s health and functions, it is also recommended if you are experiencing early signs of pregnancy. It is often said that you should start focusing on your health an average of 3 months before you plan on getting pregnant. A check-up is required for better treatment and to prevent certain health conditions such as PCOS and fertility which can have an impact on pregnancy. We also have fertility treatments available for those who require them.

These pre-pregnancy check-ups can be done at your convenience. These checkups will help you learn about how your body is preparing for the start of pregnancy. Healthcare professionals understand the challenges women experience during pregnancy, for example, pregnancy after a C-section can be difficult in some cases, however, it is not a cause of worry. With the right healthcare provider, you’ll receive the best care possible. Private care provided by different clinics across the world helps in ensuring a healthy pregnancy resulting in a healthy baby. The opinion of experts who are your friends or family can also be taken to get enhanced care and attention throughout pregnancy.

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How important is family history to prep for your pregnancy?

Pregnancy depends on various factors and functions where the family history of a person also has a huge significance in prepping for pregnancy. While dealing with your family history, it can be seen that it provides a record of any kind of health conditions and treatments that you or your partner or parties have had in the past. It is better to put your family history together before you get pregnant so that you can share the same with your doctor during your check-up.

As pregnancy is one of the most important processes seen in your body, it is to be analysed from different perspectives and directions where you will be able to understand what needs to be done and not to be done.  In most instances, people neglect such family histories thinking that it is insignificant in pregnancy. But it can be seen that some genetic diseases which get passed down from generation to generation can go to the new born baby. Even though some of the diseases passed down can be treated, in most genetic diseases it gets transferred to the baby through the mother. In either instance, an idea about the family history will help you to take apt measures and prepare yourself for future events. It is important to have your family history while you prep for pregnancy due to the following reasons:

  • Identify health conditions seen in both families

The health conditions experienced by any member of either family have to be identified and considered seriously to avoid any future risks and issues. Any health conditions seen in the family can come through generations. These health conditions need to be analysed in order to take the right measure as per need. Through proper identification of the problem, it becomes easier to take the required measures which can help in reducing the impact of future risks. While dealing with such health conditions, the complete relation has to be studied as your partners’ family and your family are equally important to be considered.

  • Understand the reasons for such health conditions

After identification of the health condition, it is important to understand the aspects of the condition along with reasons to take the right measure. It has to be seen if it is a genetic health condition or something which has happened due to other reasons. Once you can find out the reason for a particular health condition, you can make a clear distinction as to the curability of a particular condition. As genetics is a complicated concept, it is not easy to predict the impact as any slight variation can create a lot of differences.

  • Treatment of health conditions before starting your pregnancy

Treatment of health condition is the next important step to be taken after the identification and understanding the reasons for health conditions. While you prepare to get pregnant, apart from normal functions every other aspect has to be analysed and understood to see if the right measures are taken or not. It is important to note that a lot of preparation is required before starting with your pregnancy as various aspects have to be considered and the needful has to be done in a limited time. Treatment of health conditions needs to be done if it is possible to do so as it helps in preventing future issues and risks.

5 steps that you must take before planning your pregnancy

How To Prep For pregnancy

How To Prep For pregnancy infographic

While you prepare your body for pregnancy various aspects have to be considered ranging from the diet during pregnancy, to exercise where every factor has a huge impact on the overall process. You can conduct self-study during your preparation for pregnancy along with interactions with experts and elders to understand how the process happens. As you experience your first pregnancy, the changes in the body concerning physical and emotional aspects demand a lot of adjusting as it comes with a lot of complicated changes which can feel overwhelming at times.

Planning for pregnancy is important as it determines the outcome of pregnancy where it ensures that each process happens smoothly. Enhanced care has to be given especially when you approach close to delivery, where preparing for conception has a lot of significance and impact.

Let’s take a look at the important steps to be considered while preparing yourself for pregnancy are the following:

  • Visit your doctor

Proper consultation with doctors is important while planning your pregnancy as appropriate care and attention are required throughout the process of pregnancy.

While you prepare to get pregnant, assistance and guidance from experts and doctors must be taken through regular consultation. A monthly check-up is important to understand how the body is getting ready for pregnancy and maintain your body for proper functioning. Women who are visiting the doctor for the first time can follow our First-visit guidelines so that they arrive prepared for the consultation. You can also look into our well-woman clinic for a comprehensive health checkup, where you’ll learn whether you have any health issues or get a clean bill of health. You should also take into account pelvic pain during pregnancy and convey the information to your healthcare provider when you see them.

  • Stop consuming harmful things like alcohol or cigarettes

While you prep the body for pregnancy, one of the important steps to be taken is to stop using any kind of substances like alcohol or cigarettes which can have a huge impact on the unborn child, causing tissue damage and increasing the risk of premature birth and miscarriage. Such usage is to be completely avoided in preparation of pregnancy to ensure that a healthy baby is born out of a healthy mother.

  • Dietary changes

It’s essential to change your diet during the time of pregnancy. Nutrient-rich food needs to be consumed in a systematic manner where any kind of unnecessary junk food is to be avoided along with timely consumption of meals. Your pregnancy diet has to be given importance as it helps in staying healthy throughout different processes of pregnancy.

  • Intake of vitamins and added minerals

Vitamins play an integral role in the overall development of your body which is especially good for women during pregnancy. One of the measures to be taken while getting ready for pregnancy is to enhance your health through the consumption of quality food containing vitamins and minerals. Use of vitamin supplements can also be taken as per the prescription of doctors but it has to be ensured that it is done in minimal amounts.

  • Physical movements or exercise

Exercise is required for the smooth functioning of body functions even when you are undergoing any kind of changes in your body. It is a part of the pregnancy preparation checklist which helps to prepare your body most effectively. Some exercises are suggested by doctors, especially for the pregnancy stage which helps in better preparation making you strong and flexible. Keep in mind,  doctors recommend light exercises that ensure you do not exert yourself too much. Severe exercises or activities which demand more effort should not be done during your pregnancy preparation.

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Pregnancy preparation comes in different stages and ways and it varies from person to person resulting in different outcomes. Factors to be considered during the preparation have a huge impact on pregnancy which has to be taken care of in the required manner through special care and attention. One such factor would be ensuring that you are getting optimal sleep by following the right sleeping positions for pregnant women. While getting ready for pregnancy, you should try to be around people who make you happy and comfortable as the surrounding environment has a huge impact on the overall process. It is said that if you are happy your baby will also be happy as the emotional bond between mother and child is so precious and has a lot of significance. In pregnancy, the health of the mother and child is equally important and needs to be considered throughout the process of pregnancy. The initial stages of pregnancy which help you to get adjusted to the overall body change seen in women is important as the hormonal changes and other changes can affect you completely.

Our pregnancy pre guide is a resource that you can use to alleviate your worries when you are planning to get pregnant. However, if you need medical advice, you can contact a reputed Gynaecologist in your area.

Neha Goel

Neha Goel, a Psychology alumna and MBA graduate from CASS Business School, London, brings together her expertise as a Reiki Practitioner and Practice Manager. She integrates psychology and business strategies to foster holistic well-being and personal development.