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At Women’s Healthcare, we offer comprehensive healthcare services and gynaecology treatments to women of all ages. We are committed to providing expert preventive care with an emphasis on a holistic approach. Whether you are looking for general well women checkup or early pregnancy care, we have got you covered. We also specialise in managing high-risk gynaecological medical conditions. Most importantly, we are with you at every stage; from testing and diagnose to treatment and more.

We understand the importance of transparency in the fee structure for every patient, especially those who have opted for the self-pay method. That is why we have designed and created a transparent fee structure while also keeping our Self-Pay prices as low as possible amidst the rise in the cost of private consultation.

We also recognize that the high private medical treatment costs can often deter women from seeking the necessary care. Therefore, we have developed a range of cost-effective self-pay packages for various treatments, ensuring that all women have access to the treatment they require. So, if are considering the self-pay method, you can learn more about it through our Self-Pay Healthcare page.

Thus, check below for details on Consultation fees, private gynaecologist fees, costs for various treatments etc. And, if you have any questions or need more information on any of our healthcare services, then do get in touch with us.

1. New Consultation: £200
This includes consultation, pelvic examination (if needed), history taking, writing a letter to the GP and making an appropriate treatment plan.

Follow-up Consultation:
2. Telephone Consultation (new): £200
Telephone Consultation (follow-up):

*Kindly note that telephone consultations are only available on a case by case basis.
3. Consultation + TVS Scan (same day visit): £200 + £400 = £600
Follow-up Scan:
4. Well Woman Check: from £500
This includes consultation with consultant gynaecologist, cervical smear and HPV test.
5. Coil Fitting Package
Coil Fitting (hormonal):

Coil Fitting (non-hormonal):

Coil Removal:
6. Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)
NIPT Test:

NIPT with Scan:
7. Day Case Hysteroscopy: £2700
This includes consultation, hysteroscopy, biopsy, histology and follow up consultation and is generally offered to women who have:
  • Bleeding between periods

  • Heavy Periods

  • Missing IUD/ Coil Threads

  • Bleeding after Menopause

  • Small Polyps

  • Breakthrough bleeding on HRT / the contraceptive pill
8. Early Pregnancy
Consultation + Early Pregnancy (200+150) = £ 350

Consultancy + Gender Testing (Boy OR Girl)- £200 + £75 = £275