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Self Pay Healthcare

What Is Self-Pay Private Healthcare?

Self-pay healthcare options let you pay for your own treatment without the need for private insurance. The Self-pay payment option offers a swift and hassle-free means to access high-quality treatments, eliminating the extended waiting periods typically associated with private insurance companies. With self-pay treatments,  you can pay for what you need, as and when you need it. The self-pay option is great for patients who can pay for their healthcare because it lets the people choose the healthcare providers that will treat them.

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When Does Paying For Private Health Care Yourself Become The Right Option?

Paying for your own treatment rather than relying on private insurance can be the right choice in many cases, such as:

  • In situations where you wish to consult a doctor of your preference, irrespective of their exclusion from Private Healthcare Insurance coverage.
  • If the treatment you require is not covered by national health services, you may opt for self-payment to expedite the diagnosis and treatment process while bypassing the NHS procedures and paperwork. 
  • Self-payment grants you the autonomy to manage your schedule by avoiding the NHS waiting list. 
  • Self Pay becomes particularly important if you lack private health insurance or if you do not meet the eligibility criteria for funded NHS care.

Self-Pay Vs Health Insurance: Which One Is Best For You?

Although health insurance is often beneficial, paying for your treatment directly has several advantages over relying on insurance. To determine which option is best for you, it is crucial to consider all the factors.

Patients who need diagnoses, check-ups and treatments can benefit from options such as our self pay treatment in London. This can save the patient's time and allow for treatment at their convenience. On the other hand, patients who require regular healthcare should choose to pay via health insurance as paying regularly can sum up a large cost. As most private health insurance policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, it is crucial to be mindful of your medical history and financial circumstances before acquiring coverage. 

In addition, it is essential to weigh the cost-effectiveness of each option and determine whether paying for treatment directly or purchasing insurance coverage is more economical.

The Benefits Of Self-Pay Treatments at Women’s Healthcare

While NHS helps every one to get treatment for their conditions, it is a very slow and long process which could leave the patient untreated for a long time, while one of the benefits of self-pay is that it allows patients to get treatment as soon as possible and from a specialised doctor who might not be covered under NHS program.  

Listed below are some additional  benefits of Self-Pay Treatments:

  • No insurance limitations: Self-pay treatments enable you to access treatments that may not be covered by your insurance plan or the national health services.
  • Control over your healthcare: You have the autonomy to make decisions about your healthcare and treatment options.
  • Reduced paperwork and administration: Self-pay treatments eliminate the administrative burden associated with insurance claims and paperwork.

Cost transparency: You have a clear understanding of the costs involved, enabling you to budget accordingly and avoid any unexpected bills.

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1. New Consultation: £200

This includes consultation, pelvic examination (if needed), history taking, writing a letter to the GP and making an appropriate treatment plan.

Follow-up Consultation:

2. Telephone Consultation (new): £200

Telephone Consultation (follow-up):

*Kindly note that telephone consultations are only available on a case by case basis.

3. Consultation + TVS Scan (same day visit): £200 + £400 = £600

Follow-up Scan:

4. Well Woman Check: from £500

This includes consultation with consultant gynaecologist, cervical smear and HPV test.

5. Coil Fitting Package

Coil Fitting (hormonal):

Coil Fitting (non-hormonal):

Coil Removal:

6. Non-invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT)

NIPT Test:

NIPT with Scan:

7. Day Case Hysteroscopy: £2700

This includes consultation, hysteroscopy, biopsy, histology and follow up consultation and is generally offered to women who have:

    • Bleeding between periods

    • Heavy Periods

    • Missing IUD/ Coil Threads

    • Bleeding after Menopause

    • Small Polyps

  • Breakthrough bleeding on HRT / the contraceptive pill

8. Early Pregnancy

Consultation + Early Pregnancy (200+150) = £ 350

Consultancy + Gender Testing (Boy OR Girl)- £200 + £75 = £275

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