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What Is An IUD?

Coil Fitting Service

Ready for Hassle-Free Birth Control? Discover Our Coil Fitting Service!

Simplify your birth control journey with our Coil Fitting Service at Women's Healthcare. Under the guidance of experienced gynaecologist Mr. N. Agarwal in London, you can expect expert care and personalized support for a hassle-free process. Connect with us today to take the next step in your reproductive health!

What Is An IUD?

Short for "Intra-uterine Device", an IUD is a form of a contraception that is fitted inside a uterus, thus preventing sperms from fertilizing the eggs. An IUD - which is a small T-shaped object - is considered safe for most women and are proven to be 99% effective. There are 2 types of IUDs, the most common being Copper IUD which contains a copper wire and the other is a Hormonal IUD which consists of the hormone progestogen.

IUDs are a great alternative to birth control pill and as a contraception can be especially useful for those leading an active sexual life, as it limits the risk of pregnancy, thereby averting the complication of surgical abortion.

Sexual and reproductive health care is an important part of a woman’s life that shouldn’t be ignore. To this end, all women, irrespective of age should schedule a routine well woman health screening and sexual health check up, as this would help detect any health issue that might need immediate medical attention.

Types of Contraceptive Coil Available in the UK:

Broadly, there are two types of contraceptive coils available, they are:

  • Copper Coil
  • Mirena Coil

When Can An IUD Be Inserted?

An IUD can be inserted at any point during your menstrual cycle. Some people prefer to insert one after giving birth or right after an abortion.

The Procedure of Coil Fitting:

Once the initial appointment and discussion with the doctor is completed, we will proceed with getting the coil fitted. At times, it may be vital to arrange a second appointment following your last period when the cervix is more flexible to fit the device. The coil fitting procedure will take approximately five minutes.

You have the option of a pelvic ultrasound scan to access your uterus and determine when to place the coil. The coil is then inserted through the vagina and cervix. We also utilise anaesthetic to ensure that you have a comfortable procedure. Following this, another optional ultrasound is performed to ensure that the device is placed and positioned correctly. The thread attached is trimmed at the cervix to prevent future removal.

Note: Extra pain relief can also be administered if required

Advice before fitting an Intrauterine Device (IUD)

The timing of your fitting relies on the contraception you are presently using:

If you use condoms or a hormonal patch (vaginal ring, patch, injection, pill or non-expired implant), please ensure these are used for all penetrative vaginal sex initially for the first 7 days prior to removal to prevent pregnancy.

Utilising a condom for ejaculation is not considered to be an effective way of contraception:

  • IUS/IUD can be fitted conveniently at any given time.
  • You have to continue using the present method correctly until your fitting.

If you do not use a common method of contraception:

  • In case you have an irregular period, abstain from sexual intercourse from the first day of your period until the fitting for 3 weeks.
  • Arrange for a short-acting type of contraception such as a pill, vaginal ring or patch and start this at least 4 weeks before the fitting.

If your present IUD/IUS has not expired and you need to replace it:

This can usually be done at any convenient time but refrain from sex or using condoms exactly 7 days before the next fitting. This helps prevent any risk of pregnancy if we are unable to fit the new device post-removal of the original one.


What To Expect During and After Insertion?

Insertion of the IUD takes less than five minutes. During insertion you may feel a bit of cramping or pain, however, this would subside in a few minute. In rare cases, a doctor may administer a local numbing injection around your cervix to make it more bearable. In case of stabbing pain in pelvic area or cramping afterwards, the doctor might prescribe medication. Also, for some, cramping and backache after the insertion may lasts a few days.


Advantages of IUD

  • It is the safest reversible birth control method used worldwide.
  • It is cost-effective and suitable for all.
  • The IUD once placed can last up to 10 years.
  • You have the choice to remove it anytime you want.
  • It doesn’t affect your sex life and is an effective birth control.
  • It can help alleviate period pain in those suffering from heavy periods.

Follow-up post your Coil Fitting Appointments

Post the coil fitting as an additional measure; you should return to the clinic in 6-8 weeks for an ultrasound scan. In this reassuring check, the coil is checked with each cervical smear to ensure the position hasn't shifted.

Our expert-trained doctors in London can help you if you experience pain post the coil fitting. Please schedule an appointment, call us or visit the nearest hospital that offers this treatment.

In the case of emergency contraception, you can consult with our private doctors.

Private IUD/Coil Fitting Services in London

As a professional Gynaecologist in London, Mr N. Agarwal offers private IUD Coil Fitting services that include the following:

  • Pelvic Examination.
  • Coil Fitting.
  • Contraception Review.

If you think you would like to opt for contraception coil fitting services at Women's Healthcare Clinic, we offer one of the best services on coil fitting in London. So kindly book your consultation for coil fitting with us today.

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FAQ’s on Coil Fitting Services

Is it painful to have an IUD/IUS inserted?
While it is common to experience some cramping or pain with an IUD/IUS insertion, it usually lasts only for a few minutes, as the entire procedure is done quickly. Once the insertion is completed, the discomfort will go away. Also, to prevent cramps, some doctors might ask you to take pain medications.

How long is it safe to have an IUD fitted for?
Depending on the type you choose, it is safe to have an IUD fitted for 5 to 10 years as it is a long-term contraception method.

Who can use an Intrauterine Device (IUD)?
An Intrauterine device can be used by most women, even those who are HIV positive. However, for women who have had an ectopic pregnancy, consulting with their GP prior to getting a coil fitted is important. So is the case with women who have an artificial heart valve. Women with untreated pelvic infection or STI are the other unlikely candidates. Likewise, an IUD may not be the right option for women with underlying cervix/womb problem, or for those who bleed between periods or after sex.

Who can use an Intrauterine System (IUS)?
An Intrauterine system can be used by most women, even those who are HIV positive. However, it might not be the right choice for women with uterine or cervical cancer or those who have/had breast cancer (in the last 5 years). Also, it may not be a good option for women who experience bleeding between periods or after sex, those who have liver disease, those suffering from untreated STI, those having problems with the cervix/womb, etc.

Will I bleed after having an IUD/IUS fitted?
While most women may experience light bleeding after the IUD/IUS is fitted, others might not experience any bleeding at all.

Can an IUD/IUS affect my periods?
While women who have opted for a copper IUD may experience heavy bleeding during the first few months, those with hormonal IUD may experience lighter menstrual bleeding and fewer periods. Likewise, women who have opted for IUS may experience shorter and lighter periods, which may stop completely after the 1st year of use.

Will I or my partner feel it during sex?
No. You and your partner will not feel the coil when having sex.

Are there any hormonal side effects?
While it is common to experience things like breast tenderness, acne and headaches when on a pill, there are no hormonal side effects with a coil.

How soon after the coil removal can I get pregnant?
Post coil removal, you can get pregnant immediately.

How long after having a baby can I have a coil fitted? Is it OK to breastfeed?
After the birth of the baby, the coil can be fitted in about four weeks. And, yes, it is OK to breastfeed the baby after the coil is fitted.

Can the IUD travel from the woman's uterus to other parts of her body?
No. The IUD generally stays within the uterus, and it is highly unlikely for the IUD to travel to any other part of the body outside the abdomen. However, after a month of insertion, a schedule check is recommended to check if your IUD is out of place.

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