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coil fitting and removal

As a reversible form of birth control that can last up to 10 years, coil fitting – be it IUD or IUS – has become a popular choice of birth control worldwide. It is cost-effective and hassle-free. More importantly, it doesn’t involve any elaborate procedure. There are two types of coil available; Copper Coil (which contains copper) and Mirena Coil (which contains the hormone progestogen).

Which type of coil is best for you will depend on the heaviness of your periods and how many years you want it to last. The insertion process is simple while the pain experienced during the process will vary from woman-to-woman.

We offer a private coil fitting and removal services in London. As such, to help you make the right choice here is a quick overview of what IUD and IUS mean, what to expect during & after the procedure along with the cost of a private coil fitting in London.

What is an Intrauterine Device (IUD)?

Fitted inside the uterus by an experienced healthcare provider, an IUD is a small T-shaped device that helps prevent pregnancy. There are two types of IUD available; non-hormonal–copper T IUD and hormonal IUD. Among the two, the copper IUD is more common and once fitted, you & your partner won’t be able to feel it during sexual intercourse, except by checking for the threads.

Advantages of IUD Coil Fitting

  • These are 99% effective and lasts a long time (3, 5 or 10 years).
  • You have the option of choosing between; hormonal and non-hormonal IUD.
  • This birth control method is not only cost-effective but also reversible and safe, as you can remove it any time you want.
  • Also, if you are suffering from heavy periods, an IUD can help alleviate pain.

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What is an Intrauterine System (IUS or Mirena)?

This is a small plastic T-shaped device that is placed in the uterus, which releases the progestogen hormone that keeps you from getting pregnant. Depending on the type you choose, the IUS device can last for 3, 4 or 5 years.

Advantages of IUS Coil Fitting 

  • It is 99% effective when inserted correctly, so you need to make sure that it is done by a professional healthcare provider.
  • Similarly, while it can be removed any time, make sure that a trainer doctor does it.
  • It is safe to use and is not affected by other medications. It also doesn’t interfere with sexual intercourse.
  • It can make your periods shorter/lighter and less painful. In some cases, it might stop altogether, so it is particularly helpful if you have heavy or painful periods. Also, it is possible to get pregnant straight away after its removed.

How Do I Prepare Before an IUD or IUS Fitting?

While a coil can be fitted at any time of the month, some things to keep in mind before an IUD/IUS fitting is;

  • Use contraception or abstain from sexual intercourse up until the day of the fitting or as advised by the doctor.
  • If you are on pills, continue to take it carefully up until the day of the fitting or as advised by the doctor.
  • Before you go for coil fitting, eat a light meal/snack and stay hydrated to prevent dizziness.
  • The healthcare provider might also take a urine sample before putting in the IUD/IUS to ensure that you are not pregnant.
  • To prevent cramping during the procedure, ask your healthcare provider if it OK to take any pain reliever.

What to Expect During the Process of Contraceptive Coil Fitting?

The process of contraceptive (IUD/IUS) coil fitting is quick & simple and is done in a clinic or the doctor’s office. The entire procedure takes about 5-10 minutes (or less). The nurse or doctor will explain how the insertion is done and provide instructions on what to expect after the coil fitting.

  • The coil will be inserted through the vagina and cervix. You might experience some cramping when the IUD/IUS is inserted.
  • Next, the attached thread may be trimmed at the cervix to aid future removal.

General anaesthesia may be used if required to make the procedure more comfortable. Also, following the insertion, you might feel faint or dizzy when trying to stand-up, so it is best that you lie down until you feel OK and steady to move.

What to Expect During the Procedure of Contraceptive Coil Removal?

Like mentioned above, you can get the coil (IUD/IUS) removed whenever you want. In case your IUD/IUS is going to expire, you will need to replace it to prevent pregnancy. The process of contraceptive coil removal is quite straight-forward;

  • The doctor will gently pull on the string, which will make the coil’s (IUD/IUS) arms fold up and it will slip out.
  • You might experience mild cramping during & right after the coil

Post that you’ll feel completely normal and any side-effects you may have experienced when on the IUD will subside. Your periods will get back to normal (to how it was before). Also, it is possible that you might get pregnant right away unless you start a hormonal birth control right after the removal.

How Much Does it Cost to get a Coil Fitted Privately?

When done by a professional gynaecologist in London, private coil fitting cost can be as follows;

  • Copper Coil – ₤450
  • Mirena Coil – ₤500
  • Coil Removal – ₤300

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