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What Is Endometriosis

Want Relief from Endometriosis?

Seeking relief from endometriosis? Explore our dedicated Endometriosis Treatment service at Women's Healthcare in London. With the expertise of gynaecologist Mr. N. Agarwal, you'll receive specialized care and support tailored to address your unique needs. Take the first step towards managing endometriosis – connect with us today for expert guidance and compassionate care.

What Is Endometriosis?

A painful reproductive disorder, Endometriosis occurs when there is an abnormal growth of Endometrial-like tissues/cells outside the uterus and on other organs inside your body, typically on the ovaries, fallopian tube, intestines and the pelvis area. Endometriosis can result in sub-fertility and can cause pelvic pain during menstruation. As a Gynaecologist in London, Mr N. Agarwal offers the best Endometriosis treatment in London based on individual signs and symptoms.

Common Symptoms Of Endometriosis

While the cause of Endometriosis is largely unknown, few Endometriosis symptoms that indicate you might be suffering from this disease are:

Diagnosing Endometriosis With Proper Methods

Mr. N. Agarwal, an endometriosis specialist in London, will help you understand the cause of your pain with the following preliminary tests, post-consultation:

  • Pelvic Ultrasound Scans.
  • CA125 Blood Test (Ovarian Cancer Screen)

What are the treatment options for endometriosis?

Endometriosis includes 4 stages - Minimal, Mild, Moderate and Severe. Endometriosis treatments are done either through medications, hormonal treatments or through surgery. As a gynaecologist and private endometriosis specialist in London, Mr. N. Agarwal also offers uterine fibroids treatment and menopause treatment. So, you can contact him if you need any of these services.

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Are there any lifestyle changes that can help manage endometriosis symptoms?
Endometriosis can be very painful to deal with; however, you can keep the pain under control by implementing these life choices. The most important lifestyle change you have to make is to your diet. Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks such as soda and coffee if drinking it makes your symptoms worse. Also include leafy green vegetables and fish with omega-3 fatty acids in your diet.

Is surgery necessary for endometriosis treatment?
Your doctor might prescribe you medication or hormonal treatments to help you with the issue if endometriosis is at a minimal or mild stage. However, if endometriosis has reached a moderate or severe stage, it may require surgery to be removed.

Can endometriosis go away on its own?
It is very rare but possible that the symptoms of endometriosis get better with time. However, not treating endometriosis can cause a lot of health problems, so it is crucial to not waste any time if you notice any symptoms and contact the best endometriosis specialist in London at the earliest.

Can I still get pregnant if I have endometriosis?
Endometriosis does not impact fertility and you can conceive naturally. If the endometriosis is severe, it can affect the fallopian tubes and cause inflammation. The chances of complications in pregnancy are also low, but it is advisable to speak to your OB-GYN first.

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