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Signs You Should Invest in Fertility Treatments

Infertility can be defined as a condition where there is an inability to get pregnant due to various biological reasons. Infertility issues mainly come up due to problems in ovulation which are further caused due to age, weight, sexual history, alcohol use, and so on. It can be seen that in cases of infertility despite having unprotected sex for one year, the individual fails to get pregnant. Signs of infertility vary based on each where and one of the common symptoms is the hormonal issues that come up in different ways in men and women.

Signs and symptoms of infertility vary from one person to another depending on the health conditions of people, lifestyle, history of diseases, and so on. Within the illiterate, it is a common misconception that women are the root cause of infertility, which is not factual. The issue could lie with either of the sexes.

How To Prep For pregnancy

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What are the common reasons for infertility?

Some of the common reasons for infertility are age, use of tobacco and alcohol, obesity, exercise, and so on. Infertility happens due to the presence of a combination of factors that act as an obstruction to pregnancy. Signs of infertility in men and women have to be analysed to see the reasons leading to infertility and the measures to be taken to prevent the same. It is important to note that processes like ovulation and fertilization need to happen effectively for pregnancy to take place safely and smoothly.

Some reasons for infertility might be present during the time of birth itself whereas some might come up in the later stage of life. Factors such as the person’s lifestyle and various environmental issues can also result in infertility.  The most prevalent reasons for infertility in men and women depend on hormone levels in the body, the functioning of sex organs, environmental conditions, and, so on. Let’s discuss some of the common reason for infertility:

  • Ovulation problems

Ovulation-related issues come up as a serious problem or reason for infertility where there will not be the adequate release of hormones or the presence of the required amount of hormone levels resulting in an imbalance. A certain level of hormones required for the smooth functioning of the body needs to be considered to prevent problems of infertility.

  • Poor egg quality

Poor egg quality or poor egg quantity is one of the most common signs of infertility in women. Poor egg quality is a result of diminished ovarian reserve. It is important since it determines the quality of embryos. It has also been associated with a declining reproductive system, which happens as the person ages. Which is why many people think women aged over 35 have difficulty consuming. They treat age as an infertility warning sign. Let’s talk about how age affects fertility.

  • Age

The age of the couple has a huge significance when it comes to infertility as the chances of getting pregnant are very less in the case of people above 35 years of age. It is often said that if you are looking forward to getting a healthy baby through a healthy pregnancy, it is better to get pregnant before the age of 30 years resulting in better outcomes.

  • Consumption of alcohol or other intoxicating substances

Intoxication is one of the common reasons for infertility, the fault for which lies at the feet of the couple who are addicted to these substances and alcohol. As the use of such substances is harmful to your body and the overall functioning body, it is important to ensure that it is not used at any point in time. Your body needs to function properly to create a new life.

  • Poor sperm quality

One of the signs of infertility in men is poor sperm quality which prevents the process of fusion from happening in the required manner. Various factors can lead to such a problem where the functioning of sex organs and other related functions get affected. Issues found in men and women have to be treated with equal importance as both of them are involved in the process of pregnancy.

  • Fallopian tube problems

The fallopian tube is an important part of the process of fusion of egg and sperm which needs to function effectively for carrying out the fertility process. The blockage found in the fallopian tube often becomes one of the issues for infertility which results in almost 25-30% of infertility issues. Fallopian tube issue is one of the problems found commonly in women which has a huge impact on the overall process.

Fertility examinations and tests that are carried out to enhance the process of fertility help in preventing infertility issues to some extent. Fertility check-ups offered by various clinics help in identifying such issues which will further help us to use the appropriate treatment as per existing conditions. To learn more about infertility issues in women, you can refer to Top 9 Causes of Infertility in Women.

Other issues such as endometriosis can also affect fertility in women. Did you know it is possible to conceive even if you have endometriosis? Our guide for conceiving with endometriosis sheds light on how women with mild to moderate endometriosis have a chance of getting pregnant.

What are infertility treatments available?

Choosing the right Female infertility treatment or male infertility treatment mainly depends on the reasons for your infertility. Check the signs of infertility, as they show the measures to prevent the same. Treatments for infertility range from medicines to surgeries, based on the severity of the situation and the existing health conditions of the couple.

Women’s Healthcare located in London has fertility healthcare specialists skilled in diagnosing infertility issues and providing proper medical treatment based on the needs of patients.  Let’s talk about the important infertility treatments options available to people:

  • Assisted conception

One of the important infertility treatments provided to people is assisted conception which helps in the effective treatment of infertility issues. Intrauterine insemination, In vitro fertilization (IVF), egg and sperm donation, etc. are some of the important methods used under assisted conception to induce pregnancy. The fusion of egg and sperm is ensured in these methods either inside or outside the body. If you are facing an infertility problem, it is best to utilize one of these methods in which receiving eggs or sperm from a donor is preferred by most people.

  • Surgery to treat abnormalities

Various surgeries like fallopian tube surgery, endometriosis treatment surgery, surgery to retrieve sperm, and so on are used to treat different abnormalities. As fallopian tubes play an integral role in the fusion between egg and sperm, it is important to remove any kind of blockage in a tube that can lead to infertility. Infertility testing procedures can be carried out to identify and use apt surgeries for enhanced treatment of any kind of abnormalities. NHS fertility treatment provided concerning IVF is effective in providing accurate treatment for any kind of abnormalities.

  • Use of medicines

Effective medicines can be used to treat infertility issues in which clomifene, tamoxifen, metformin, and so on are the commonly used medicines. Even though some of these medicines can make you feel some kind of nausea, vomiting, and other such issues, they can be used as per the prescription of a doctor or expert. Medicines that help to stimulate ovaries are not suggested by doctors as a part of fertility treatment as it has not been effective in increasing the chances of pregnancy.

Top 3 signs that you should invest in an infertility treatment

Signs of being infertile need to be considered while dealing with any kind of treatment as it determines how you have to approach various treatment methods. As infertility is a serious issue, many suggestions have been given by experts concerning the time to start fertility treatments, signs to be considered, and so on. You can approach fertility centers and doctors to find help with infertility issues and to ensure a healthy pregnancy. Fertility treatment provided to those in need of it has been effective in providing solutions to any kind of problems faced by people. The signs that you should invest in infertility treatment are the following:

  • Trying for over a year

If you have been trying for over a year and still were unable to get pregnant, then you have to approach an expert for starting the treatment process. It is often said that women over the age of 35 years find it difficult to get pregnant as fertility decreases with age. You can approach a doctor if you have been getting negative results despite trying for the same for a long time. It is important to approach your doctor sooner as waiting further will only cause more delay in the overall process. Fertility treatment options can be explored as per the severity of your problem to take apt measures.

  • Health issues in the past

Having health problems in the past can have a huge impact on your fertility, where diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, and so on are included. If you or your partner have been through such diseases, you can take guidance from experts and fertility centers to take the required preventive measures. Each disease varies from one another and its impact also varies accordingly which needs to be understood to take appropriate preventive measures as per need.

  • Menstrual cycle-related problems

If you have had a regular menstrual cycle, then it can be said that you will have a healthy pregnancy due to the continued functioning of essential aspects. Irregularities in menstruation call for an appointment with experts to understand the reasons for the same and to take the required treatment. Having an inconsistent cycle is one of the common period problems faced by women which creates a lot of disturbance in the overall functioning of the body. Signs of being infertile have to be identified to ensure that the right method is adopted for fertility treatment.


Fertility treatments have helped couples across the world get pregnant. The health conditions of the couple and their lifestyle have a huge impact on the process of pregnancy which can vary from person to person as it is a natural process subject to changes. Variation or decreased levels of hormones and other essential aspects need to be regulated to ensure that the effect on pregnancy is controlled. You have to pay attention to the Infertility warning signs and take the best precautionary methods to prevent infertility. Consulting a doctor or healthcare specialist can help you get on an effective treatment plan for getting pregnant. Doctors provide fertility treatment options to their patients so they can choose the method which they are the most comfortable with.

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