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15 Causes Of Weak Pelvic Floor Muscles

The Importance of Pelvic Health During Pregnancy

Are you suffering from SUI Or Stress Urinary Incontinence? SUI is an involuntary leakage of urine when you are performing any physical activity that puts pressure on your abdomen. The activities could include performing exercises or doing something simple as coughing, sneezing, or even laughing hard.

A few other symptoms of a weak pelvic floor include recurrent UTIs (Urinary tract infections), reduced vaginal sensation, passing wind from the vagina or anus in event of lifting something heavy or even bending, and not being able to control your urine before reaching a toilet. If you experience similar symptoms, it is recommended to see a reputed healthcare professional who can conduct proper diagnosis such as pelvic imaging.

Now that we have covered some of the symptoms of pelvic pain, giving you an idea of what might be wrong. Before we talk about causes of pelvic pain, it’s crucial to understand the pelvic floor and how the proper function of the pelvic floor is crucial for your health.

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